Lattice3D Player for Windows

View and Interrogate 3D Models for Free


Lattice3D Player

Lattice3D Player for Windows is FREE. It can be used in two modes:

  • Standalone Windows Application
  • Browser-based Application for Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

3D Animation Viewer / Player

Easily create animations in Lattice3D Studio and allow any of your stakeholders to view animations and more with the FREE player.

FREE Player

  • Animated & Interactive Work Instructions: Clear communication of procedures for assembly or service 
  • Cross Section & Measure: Explore the internals of an assembly 
  • Collaboration: Communicate with stakeholders in a rich environment 
  • Full Assembly Viewing: Load even the largest models on basic PCs and laptops 
  • Interactive Assembly Structure: Explore your assembly with advanced features 
  • MSOffice Support: Embed theLattice3D Player and model in Microsoft Office documents 
  • Product PMI and Meta Data: View PMI and meta data that was authored in the CAD system 
  • Security: Create secure viewing with AES encryption approved by NIST 
  • View: Examine your models with robust viewing options including full camera control and multiple display modes 

Lattice3D Player Pro

Perfect for professional-level users needing to see, evaluate and then save 3D data in multiple formats

Lattice3D Player Pro is the professional version of Lattice3D Player. Lattice3D Player Pro includes all of the functionality of Lattice3D Player plus the additional features below.

Lattice3D Player is free. A license fee applies to Lattice3D Player Pro. Use the FREE version unless you need one of the features below.

Lattice3D Player Pro Includes All of the Features of Lattice3D Player - Plus the Following:

  • Copy Image and Copy Image Area: Copy all or part of the 3D view to the clipboard.
  • Export Image: Export the 3D view as a 2D image in BMP, JPEG, PNG or TIFF format.
  • Import Geometry: Add parts and assemblies to your model. Supported import formats include XVL, IGES, 3DS, DXF, OBJ, STL and VRML.
  • Save Model: Save the 3D model in XVL format.